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Waiver for the Elderly in Adult Residential Care (WEARC)
Formerly Group Care Waiver

Effective July 1, 1993, Nevada Medicaid obtained approval for a 
Home and Community Based Waiver for the Elderly in Group Care.

The purpose of this waiver is to offer individuals a less expensive 
alternative of supervised care in a residential setting.


  Who is Eligible for WEARC Services?

Individuals who are:
bullet65 years or older
bulletFinancially eligible according to Medicaid guidelines, as established by the Division of Welfare and Supportive Services
bulletFunctioning at an intermediate level of care
bulletAble to walk unassisted or walk with a cane or walker, or
bulletTransfer independently from a wheelchair
bulletAble to protect his/her self in case of an emergency 
and possess average judgment


 Services of Home and Community Based Care

Case Management
Case Management services are provided to assist waiver clients in gaining access to needed waiver and other services. Social Workers assess and monitor the provision of services on an on-going basis.

Personal Care
Personal Care services are provided by the group care facilities and may include:




 How to Apply for WEARC Services

Please contact the nearest Aging and Disability Services Division office for more information or to apply.

All prospective clients will be assessed for eligibility and appropriateness for the waiver program by a licensed social worker.

ADSD personnel are committed to providing quality services to those individuals who reside in the most integrated environment. Case Management and Personal Care will enable eligible individuals to remain in a group home setting rather than a nursing facility. The Home and Community Based Care Program is available statewide. Please contact one of our regional offices for additional information.


The Aging and Disability Services Division observes the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act. No person shall be excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination in any service or activity because of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or physical or mental disability under these programs.


Looking for resources? Visit Nevada's Aging and Disability Resource Center website at www.nevadaadrc.com.

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