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Notice of Intent to Act Upon a Regulation - Taxi Assistance Program (TAP) - June 24, 2014

Taxi Assistance Program (TAP)
Formerly Senior Ride

Clark County

This program provides discounted taxicab fares to qualified individuals, age 60 and older, and persons with disabilities through coupon booklets that are accepted by all taxicab companies in Clark County. The coupons can be purchased in books of 20 - $1.00 coupons or 4 - $5.00 coupons.  The cost of each coupon book is $10.00.  Clients are receiving $20.00 worth of taxicab fare for half the cost!

Books are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

Updated Program Qualifications

To qualify for the Taxi Assistance Program, an individual must be age 60 or older, or have a permanent disability. All participants must also be residents of Nevada and have incomes within the program criteria.  

To demonstrate residence eligibility, all participants must provide a Nevada ID issued from the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles.  The Nevada ID cannot be seasonal and must display a Nevada address. 

To demonstrate income eligibility, all participants must complete IRS form 4506-T Request for Transcript of Tax Return.

Your annual gross income will determine your eligibility for the Taxi Assistance Program. For example, for the current year, a one person family unit is limited to an income equal to or less than $46,680 per year or $3,890 per month. A two person household is limited to an income equal to or less than $62,919, or $5,243 per month.

Program Registration

Application (PDF)

Registration may be completed by mail or in person at the Aging and Disability Services Division - Las Vegas Regional Office, 1860 E. Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89104, between the office hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday, excluding holidays. Individuals with a permanent disability, who are under the age of 60, must provide a letter from the Social Security Administration or their doctor, stating such, to prove eligibility. 

Purchasing Coupon Books

The purchase of coupon books can be done in person or through the mail. When requested by mail, the client must already be registered in the program. Participants can purchase coupon books at the time of initial registration and may use a check, cash or money order at that time. The program does not have the ability to charge a credit card or debit card. If you will be using cash as payment, please bring the correct amount; TAP staff will not have change. After the initial registration, we request that participants order books by mail. A check or money order (please do not send cash through the mail) can be sent with one business-size, self-addressed, stamped envelope for each book requested.  Books must be redeemed by the expiration date and there is a no refund, no exchange policy.

Effective July 2012, the Taxi Assistance Program will no longer issue coupon books to “Authorized Representatives.” Booklets must be picked up in person or ordered through the mail.  Individuals providing Power of Attorney will be able to pick up books for another.  However, married persons may pick up books for their spouses.

For more information, please contact the Taxi Assistance Program:
State of Nevada, Aging and Disability Services Division
1860 E. Sahara Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89104
(702) 486-3581
Please Note: The building is located on the northwest
corner of Burnham Avenue and East Sahara Avenue.

 Coupon books are also available:

In Washoe County through the Washoe Senior Ride Program
(775) 348-0477

Last Updated: 01/30/2014

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