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Letter to Facilities: Volunteer Long Term Care Ombudsman Program (PDF)

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IMPORTANT NOTICE, Elder Abuse Reporting: Clarification regarding reporting requirements and state regulations for Nursing Facilities, Residential Facilities for Groups (i.e. Group Homes/Assisted Living Facilities), and Homes for Individual Residential Care (HIRC). Click here to view the notice (PDF file).

Nevada’s Long Term Care Ombudsman Program (LTCOP) was established under federal mandate through the Older Americans Act. The program was initiated to improve the quality of care in America’s nursing homes.

Federal law requires each state to have a Long Term Care Ombudsman Program (LTCOP), headed by a State Long Term Care Ombudsman. The LTCOP receives, investigates and attempts to resolve complaints made by or on behalf of residents who reside in long term care facilities including homes for individual residential care, residential facilities for groups, and nursing homes. Long Term Care Ombudsmen work on behalf of the resident and his or her wishes and desires. Services provided by the Ombudsman Program are strictly confidential.

The LTCOP serves a vital public purpose. Every year the program helps thousands of long term care residents.

The Ombudsman Program:

·      Carries the message for residents.

·      Are impartial in gathering information.

·      Advocates for residents seeking assistance and resolution.

·      Calls upon others to fulfill their responsibilities to residents.

Ombudsman Services:

·     Informing residents and their families of their rights;

·     Resolving complaints involving anything that affects a person’s life in long term care (e.g. food, call lights, care concerns);

·     Providing informational services to the general public regarding the long term care industry in Nevada;

·     Advocating for good individualized care;

·     Education to inform residents, families, facility staff and others on a variety of issues related to aging, long term care and resident’s rights;

·     In-service training for long term care professionals regarding trends affecting the quality of care for seniors; and

·     Provide information regarding the admission process to long term care facilities.

 The Ombudsman Program is available to:

·     Residents of long term care facilities age sixty (60) or older;

·     Friends and relatives of persons who live in long term care facilities;

·     Long term care facility staff members with resident-related concerns; and

·     Individuals and families who are considering nursing home placement as a long term option.

For more information, please contact a regional office.

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Please Note: The Aging and Disability Services Division's Elder Protective Services focuses on investigations regarding abuse, neglect, isolation, financial exploitation and self-neglect involving community members and those in a long term care setting age 60 and older.

Brochures (PDF Files)

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LTC Ombudsman Program

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Volunteer LTC Ombudsman Program

LTC Discharges

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