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Aging and Disability Services Division


(Revised 2/10)

Any exceptions to these Service Specifications must be requested in advance in writing and approved by the Deputy Administrator. 


To promote quality of service, the Aging and Disability Services Division (ADSD) has established service specifications that contain general guidelines. ADSD will use these service specifications as the basis for assessing program performance. The service specifications that each grantee must follow consist of GENERAL REQUIREMENTS, according to the funding source, and SERVICE-SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS established for each funded service.


This service provides emergency, non-perishable food items to older individuals on a monthly basis.


Food Pantry: A service that provides purchased and donated non-perishable food items to individuals, age 60 and older, to assist with meeting their nutritional needs. 

One unit equals one bag of food, per person. (A couple receiving two bags of food would count as two units of service.) 


1.                  Required Services:

1.1             Emergency food supplies provided to seniors to assist with meeting their nutritional needs consisting of prepackaged, non-perishable goods that do not require preparation. 

1.2             Emergency food supplies can be provided no more than once a month. 

1.3             Provide clients with referrals to meal programs and other resources that may assist with meeting their nutritional needs.

1.4             Provide nutrition education materials to each senior with the monthly distribution of food. The goal of nutrition education is to provide older persons with information that will promote improved food selection, eating habits and health-related practices. Documentation shall include a copy of the materials and the date they were distributed.

2.         Nutrition Service Standards: 

2.1      Programs must maintain the food safety standards listed in the Food Pantry - Food Safety Checklist. 

2.2             Training shall be provided for all paid and volunteer personnel to assure the safe handling of food. Training shall consist, at a minimum, of a review of the standards contained in the Food Pantry - Food Safety Checklist.  Documentation should include the name of the class and trainer, date of training and list of those in attendance.


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