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The Aging and Disability Services Division's Advocates for Elders, formerly called the 
Community Ombudsmen, provide the following services on a statewide basis:

bulletAdvocacy and assistance to frail older adults, who are 60 years of age or older, primarily homebound and living in the community.
bullet Resources and information to any older adult, their family and friends, and/or community and advocacy groups.

Advocates for Elders also conduct:

bulletPublic presentations relevant to Aging and Disability Services Division's programs and services
bulletOutreach to locate and identify resources and services

Advocates for Elders also participate on special older adult 
task forces and work with senior community groups.

The services of the Advocate for Elders are free and confidential.  

There are three Advocates for Elders within the Aging and Disability Services Division. 

Please contact the Las Vegas, Elko or Reno office to speak with an Advocate for Elders.
The closest Advocate to your location will assist you.  Services are provided statewide.

You may also email an Advocate for Elders.
To do so, please click the appropriate link below:

Northern Nevada
Reno   or    Elko
Southern Nevada
Las Vegas



Looking for resources? Visit Nevada's Aging and Disability Resource Center website at

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