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Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) Program Overview


Provides citizen-centered "one-stop" entry points into the long-term support system


Serves individuals in need of long-term support, caregivers, and those planning for future long-term support needs

ADRC Functions

bulletAwareness and Information
bulletPublic education
bulletInformation on long-term support options
bulletLong-term support options counseling
bulletBenefits counseling
bulletEmployment options counseling
bulletReferral to other programs and benefits that can help people remain in the community, including programs to assist in obtaining and sustaining paid employment
bulletCrisis intervention
bulletAssistance in planning for future long-term support needs
bulletEligibility screening
bulletAssistance in gaining access to long-term support services that may be paid with private funds
bulletComprehensive assessment of long-term support needs and care planning
bulletProgrammatic eligibility determination for long-term support services, including the Medicaid long-term care level of care determination
bulletMedicaid financial eligibility determination that is wither integrated or so closely coordinated with the ADRC that applicants experience a seamless interaction
bulletOne-stop access to all public programs for community and institutional long-term support services administered by the state under Medicaid, Older Americans Act programs devoted to long-term support services, and any other publicly funded services the state determines should be accessed through the ADRCs

For more information, please contact:

Aging and Disability Services Division - Carson City
(775) 687-4210

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